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The Consciousness of Renewal

By Donna Jason| November 7th, 2019


Holding Sacred Space in the Midst of Chaos

The times we live in are not normal, predictable, or comfortable. But who are you in the midst of this current chaos? Are you holding space for yourself and others? Is your health being impacted by the stress? Are you a distant witness? Are you impervious and therefore unaffected? I doubt that many of you relate to the last two, for you are a healer. You live in service and are dedicated to the betterment of others. You help liberate your clients from their pain and anxiety. So how has it been for you these past few years? Here’s what I know about chaos, transformation, love and renewal…

We just returned from our annual Advanced Training, normally held at Wildwood retreat center in the Redwoods of Northern California. Wildwood is a stunning, magical, expansive place seeped in tragic history. Wildwood was a sanctuary for those suffering from HIV-AIDS in the 1980’s. The land there holds the ashes of countless people who passed on. The magnificent redwoods and the mountain and valley views are glorious. The life-giving, sea-infused air is beyond healing. However, the road that leads to Wildwood is precarious, washed-out and too narrow for comfort. So, like all amazing destinations, one has to be willing to weather the journey to reap the reward.

This year, three weeks prior to our Advanced Retreat, Wildwood was suddenly shut down. Thirty-six people would be flying into the Bay area from all over the world and we had nowhere to meet them. For seven harrowing days, we reached out to what must have been a hundred facilities. Miraculously, we found one. Mandala Springs was available, and they were willing to work with us to make it affordable and manageable.   

The night the retreat began, the most recent Northern California wildfire broke out on the other side of the mountain from us. We were safe, but it was still early. Many in the group were understandably triggered. They, like us, had been through devastating fires over the past many years and had experienced both trauma and loss.  And, we were many windy roads away from a reliable escape route. Nevertheless, we were safe, and the winds were working in our favor. We still had power and we were not under mandatory or voluntary evacuation orders.

As always, the lomilomi sessions were powerful, deep, beautiful, transformational and the group was magnificent. The beauty that occurs when thirty-six people commit to holding sacred space for themselves, and for one another, raises the vibration and the opportunity for healing to a level that is truly magical.  And, in the midst of that magic, the air got thicker and the fire loomed closer. The winds were scheduled to be picking up and we were on high alert.

Tom and Jonah have been building labyrinths out of rocks for our local school for the past many years, so they are both quite good at it. We decided to paint and build a labyrinth during the workshop. We chose to manifest, to create, to initiate a symbol of renewal, even in the midst of possible, monstrous destruction. It was a new moon, and this was a new retreat center – coincidentally only twenty minutes from Harbin Hot Springs. In fact, the owner had purchased this retreat center ON THE DAY that our beloved Harbin Hot Springs burned to the ground four years prior. And, coincidentally, it burned three weeks before we were about to teach our 2015 Advanced Retreat. Talk about full-circle and levels of renewal!

By the fourth day of the retreat, we had only laid out about 10% of the labyrinth. That night, we were expecting hurricane force winds and the power was scheduled to be shut off. We no longer had a choice. We were forced to end the retreat a day early and get off the mountain. Everyone was amazing! Brave. Loving. Committed. Lomilomi sessions began at 7am! We got three powerful sessions in, had our closing circle, packed up the temple and evacuated the retreat center by 5pm.

Everyone dispersed in different directions, some alone, some in groups, finding places to stay in the time-gap created by the fires. I believe we were all in shock to some degree. But what I know, and what I witnessed and what I experienced is this… This is our new normal. Climate change, politics, evolution, inner-conflict and world conflicts are more prominent than ever before in history. Climate change is affecting everyone. Politics and world conflicts infiltrate our consciousness through the media whether we seek it out or not. Stress levels are higher than ever, and we are further from nature than ever before. Yet, we are the healers. We are the ones dedicated to the betterment of others and to holding sacred space. So how do we do this when we are surrounded by fear, anxiety and physical or ideological danger? What I learned from the retreat is the power of the consciousness of renewal.

Lava flows out of Mauna Loa. As it slowly crawls towards Moana, the mother ocean, it devastates roads, houses, fields and. And, in doing this, it also creates the newest land on the planet. Palm trees emerge from the black, dry, cracked lava-field with bright-green wispy leaves that soak-up the sea-air and sun as if it was all designed for them. From the destruction comes renewal.

If we are to stay balanced, nourished, stress-free, healthy, positive, hopeful and capable of being that safe and nourishing place our clients need us to be, we need to learn how to experience all of this chaos as a gateway into renewal. Each and every one of you is a gateway. Your value in your community is immeasurable. Your value to the individuals you hold space for is immeasurable. Your capacity to stay connected with the love, the aloha, the beauty and the hopefulness of renewal, even in the midst of fear, loss and chaos is what can equalize the detrimental energy being generated by all of the current global challenges. What you do matters and is so very important!!!

At the retreat, as an ‘ohana, we created a container of love and held the consciousness of renewal, even as the fire raged just a few miles away. And, we knew when it was time to say goodbye and move on.

Because of this, the retreat feels as if it didn’t actually end. It disbanded and we each expanded back into our lives, but the circle wasn’t broken. And inside that circle, as always, we included everyone in the ‘ohana, sending love and prayers to each and every one of you. You carried us, you were with us, you are us.

We don’t have any idea where or when the next Advanced Retreat will be. Clearly October in Northern California is no longer a viable choice. But between now and the next time we see you, we offer you this… No matter what your life is presenting you with, tap into the love of our circle, the infinite love within you and the power of the consciousness of renewal. You are a creator and we need more creations of love, peace and unity.

What does consciousness of renewal mean to you? Let us know. 

With infinite blessings

Donna and Tom




What Matters Most as a Spiritual Being

By Donna Jason| January 4th, 2014

Spirit, Body, Chicken, Egg

What matters most as a spiritual being?Spiritual Beings

Tom and I often have long, philosophical talks. At some point as we are each planted on our respective sofas in the living room, I always think to myself, “This is awesome.”

The ‘awesomeness’ is that I’ve known Tom for nearly forty years and I’m still fascinated and inspired by his view on life. We sometimes see things from very different perspectives, which makes it that much more fun.

The other day we were having one of our DnM’s (deep and meaningful talks) and Tom said, “The whole point is to meditate and to connect with your soul.” To which I said, “For you it is! But for a poet or a musician or an artist, the whole point is to bring Spirit through, into the world, into form.” He replied, “You’re right…” (I always like that) “…it goes both ways, you can meditate to connect with Spirit or you can express yourself in some way to bring Divinity through.”

Like the chicken or the egg, it truly doesn’t matter which comes first! Both are equally important.

As Spiritual Beings in service through massage, reiki, lomi lomi, shamanic or other healing work, the whole point is to honor both your physical expression on earth and your Soul, Spirit, God. Whether you are someone who likes to meditate or someone who finds the Divine by dancing in the rain, what matters is ALLOWING the flow, the connection, the authenticity and the wisdom of your soul to be present and expressed every moment of every day of your life.

So whether you take long walks in a vineyard, do yoga on a rooftop, wake up at 3am to meditate, sing Kirtan at your spiritual church or wash dishes with the grace of a Saint, your life is your spiritual practice. Every moment of every day is an opportunity to commune with your soul, express your higher wisdom and live your life’s purpose. No one can define that for you, only you can discover it, one authentic moment at a time.

So, as we wrap up 2013 and contemplate the coming year, my hope for you is that you allow your soul to shine through every thought, every word, every endeavor, today and forever more.

With love and blessings for the new year.
Donna (and of course Tom & Jonah)

Aloha & Welcome

By Donna Jason| August 19th, 2012

Aloha! Welcome to our new website. 

We are very excited to now have a website where we can offer inspiration through our blog, add videos, share knowledge and continue to grow with our amazing ‘ohana.

More than anything we are committed to supporting you on your journey to be the brightest and truest  light you can be, shining the authenticity of your spirit in all directions at all times. YOU are the gift to the planet and we are blessed to share this time with you.

Mahalo Nui Loa

Awakening Spirit in the Physical Body

By Donna Jason| March 16th, 2012

When a person decides to get a massage, it is unlikely that they are thinking, “I need to unravel deep ancestral or childhood patterning in order to enlighten my cells and embody divinity in my daily life.”  More likely, they are focused on bodily pain, relaxation, stress-relief, or down-to-earth physical maintenance. And yet, when a person makes the choice to receive Lomi Lomi – Hawaiian massage, they may (on a soul level) be ready for fantastic life-altering shifts.

Not all styles of Lomi Lomi focus on awakening spirit in the physical body, but many do. Sacred Lomi®, rooted in ‘Temple Style’ Lomi Lomi, which has also been called Kahuna Bodywork has, at its foundation the intention of awakening the divine in every cell and in the spaces between the cells. One name for this work is Ke Ala Hoku or ‘Pathway to the Stars’ which can be interpreted as ‘our life’s journey into the infinite realms’.

The massage techniques and Pule (prayers) of Sacred Lomi are designed to release anything that is no longer in alignment with the client’s highest truth; to dislodge cellular memories and to replace the detrimental vibrations in those areas of the body with pure light, love and aloha. In an unconditionally loving environment, with flowing, nurturing movements, the body and soul are supported to release, transform and allow the infusion of Divine energy.

The fundamental physical movements of Sacred Lomi are circles and figure eights, which like EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing which is used in treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) stimulates the left and right hemispheres of the brain. This process has been known to release deep-seated, repressed memories and emotions. When the emotions and memories are released, room is made for new memories, emotions and beneficial subconscious thoughts. Thus, the body is supported to release anything from the past and come fully into the present.

What makes Sacred Lomi so powerful is multidimensional. On an energetic level, there is a transmission that comes through the trained practitioner from the ancestors and lineage of this work. On a physical and emotional level, the client is being nurtured and held in a totally safe way, as the practitioner continually allows love, aloha and honor to flow through. So no matter what comes up, the client is not alone in their experience. They are accepted and supported on their transformational journey.

The healing process that occurs extends beyond our known lifetime. Our DNA carries patterning from our ancestors. This includes physical traits as well as emotional and psychological. A forty-year-long-study at the University of Virginia has provided substantial evidence of reincarnation, documenting children who not only remember past lives, but whose birth marks or defects replicate wounds or experiences from the life they have identified.

Therefore, we are not just embracing our own life; we are embracing a timeless connection to many other lives, potentially our own past lives and our ancestors’. And, it is within our abilities to support our own evolution and shift patterns from our connection to these lives.

A phenomenal aspect of this process is that with Sacred Lomi no verbal processing is necessary. Many times the person receiving will not be consciously aware of what they are releasing or where it came from. Or it will appear as if ‘nothing’ really happened during the session. The client may simply surrender into the beautiful flowing forearm movements that replicate the wind and waves of a tropical island.  And sometimes, profound transformation occurs after a session, off the table and in private.

For those interested in learning Lomi Lomi, the process invites them to first receive and experience this profound art for themselves. Reiki practitioners, nurses, spouses and friends, as well as seasoned massage therapists benefit profoundly from learning and integrating this modality.

Receiving the work as part of the learning allows the practitioner to experience for themselves the letting-go process and the infusion of love and light. This practice of receptivity translates into how the work is applied.  The Lomi Lomi practitioner must be able to surrender into a receptive space, listening with their entire being for messages and support from the earth, guides, lineage, spirit and the body they are working on.  So, in ‘working’ or ‘offering’ they are also always ‘receiving’. This is a very Shamanic concept and is utilized in many shamanic practices both on and off the body.

The practice of receiving while simultaneously giving, is represented in the figure eight (or infinity sign) movement of Sacred Lomi. The figure eight serves to remind us that if we receive as much as we give, we will not deplete ourselves, that our energy is infinite and that we are a part of all that exists.

This complex and beautiful art has developed out of the Hawaiian practice of ‘living aloha’ which in simple terms means to honor divinity in all things, seen and unseen; to embrace all that is within and without as part of your ‘Ohana Nui, (the great family).