Sacred Massage Oils hand-crafted from wild-crafted, organic and ethically sourced oils, designed to enhance the healing journey. Each oil is infused with specific intentions that are supported by the essential oils.

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Sacred Lomi® Massage Oils

Beautiful Massage & Body Oils designed to support and enhance the healing journey.  Hand-crafted using organic, wild-crafted and ethically sourced essential and carrier oils with clear and powerful intentions. 

When used for sessions, only a small amount is needed. We recommend inviting your client to smell each of the blends and choose the one they’re needing on that day. Each blend aligns with a suit in the Hawaiian Healing Intentions Card deck. 

Massage Oils


HEART  •  Ke Aloha – Joy & Recovery 

SPIRIT  •  Ke Akua – Higher Consciousness

BODY • Mana – Manifestation & Life Force 



“Years ago in a meditation I was shown that synthetic massage oils and creams become Donna Jasoninterceptors for healing energy. I was then guided to create these blends from nature’s healers… using only oils that are grown with the same consciousness and intention we use in our work. I developed three blends, in alignment with three of the suits from the Hawaiian Healing Intention Cards.  I’m now in the process of developing a clearing spray for the KALA suit in the deck. When Tom and I work on each other, we’ve been amazed at the beautiful depth the oils bring to the work. The Hawaiian practice of Kahuna Lapa’au (healing with spirituality and herbs) reverberates through our experience. We hope you enjoy them!” Donna Jason

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Sacred Massage Oils

Mana – 4oz, Ke Aloha – 4oz, Ke Akua – 4oz, Set of Three


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