Lomi Lomi Teacher Training

Lomi Lomi Teacher Training Track

Our intention is to educate and support people who want to learn how to facilitate demonstrations and workshops in Sacred Lomi® or their chosen modality, and to become better facilitators of transformation with their clients and in their practice.

Teaching skills are universal. By using Sacred Lomi® as the focus, participants will learn how to use these skills in many teaching environments.

We have broken down the Teacher Training Track into 3 tiers.

Students can apply to the TTT and can individualize their journey depending on their personal goals.

How it Works: Once a student has completed the initial pre-requisites, they can apply to be on the TTT.  If accepted, they can choose to participate in as few or as many of the TTT modules as suit them.

The three tiers within the TTT are:

1. Apprentice, 2. Teaching Assistant, 3. Facilitator
Each tier has pre-requisites and requirements for successful completion. 

It is our intention to create alliances with massage schools around the country who are interested in having an introductory lomi lomi course taught. Students who have successfully completed all three tiers will be recommended to our affiliate schools.

Who Can Apply:

Students who have completed the following prerequisites or who plan on completing them within one year:

  • 2 Three or Four Day Sacred Lomi® workshops
  • 2 Sacred Lomi@ Advanced Retreats or Hawaii Retreat
  • If you have not yet completed the above, but intend to within one year, you can apply for the TTT.
    Is there anything you'd like to add? About your journey? Your intentions? Suggestions?
  • Thank you for requesting an application for the Teacher Training Track.