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• The Consciousness of Renewal

by Donna Jason

Holding Sacred Space in the Midst of Chaos The times we live in are not normal, predictable, or comfortable. But who are you in the midst of this current chaos? Are you holding space for yourself and others? Is your health being impacted by the stress? Are you a distant witness? Are you impervious and therefore unaffected? … Read More

• Sacred Principles for Healing Yourself and Others

by Tom Cochran & Donna Jason
Lomi Lomi is a healing art practiced by the native Hawaiians. There are many unique forms of this art, traditionally held by each family or ‘ohana’. Hawaiian Temple Bodywork, Ke Ala Hoku or Lomi Lomi Nui…  Read More

My Journey into The Spirit Body

by Tom Cochran
It is with profound gratitude, humility and respect that I offer these words. For over two decades now, I have been practicing and leading workshops in Temple Style Lomi Lomi – the work Abraham Kawai’i, later known as Kahu – brought forth… Read More

Healing with Intention

by Donna Jason – from Massage Magazine December 2014

I recently had an experience where I was reaching for an object and crumpled to my knees in pain. Unable to walk unassisted, I went to a physical therapist to see what was going on. As I lay on my back, my knees bent to alleviate the pain… Read More

• Hawaiian Healing – The Art of Lomi Lomi

by Phyllis Hanlon – from Massage Magazine March 2014

Dane Kaohelani Silva thought he was meant to be an engineer, until one night more than a quarter century ago. While studying for college, he heard a young woman cry out for help. When he located the woman, he touched her hand and she immediately… Read More

• Awakening Spirit in The Physical Body

by Donna Jason / Published in Natural Awakenings • December 2011
When a person decides to get a massage, it is unlikely that they are thinking, “I need to unravel deep ancestral or childhood patterning in order to enlighten my cells and embody divinity in my daily life.”  More likely…   Read More

The Seven Shamanic Principles of Huna

The Seven Hawaiian Shamanic Principles were developed by Serge Kahili King, Ph.d as part of his impressive body of work on Huna. Although Huna does deviate some from authentic Hawaiian tradition, they are excellent teachers for life and healing… Read More

• Forearm Massage in Lomi Lomi

Lomi Lomi is a nurturing, flowing form of Hawaiian massage. Some styles use the hands, but there are styles that use forearms for nearly every run. Two of those styles are Sacred Lomi® and Temple Style. Many careers have been lengthened and saved… Read More

• Massage & Bodywork Article 2009

Read the story about how Sacred Lomi continuing education courses were life and career changing for one couple… Read More