About Tom Cochran

About Tom CochranTom Cochran has been teaching Lomi Lomi and Personal Growth since the late 1990’s.

Tom’s intention is to assist others in their transformation and growth, connecting them with all that they are.

“You are a Divine Being. You are Love. Celebrate it. Share it. DO something with it to help someone realize it. If we all keep doing that, our world will change. If you keep sharing it, YOU will transform. Keep transforming until you recognize yourself. When you look up at a star and you are that star. When you hear the sound of crickets all around you and you are that sound; when you look into the eyes of that child and you are those eyes; when you could not dare harm another because you feel them as you; well, then you’ll start recognizing yourself… Remembering yourself. . In everyone, in everything. And then, share that with someone and our world will change.”

In 1991, after spending years studying meditation, Jungian dream work, energy work, yoga, various therapies and shamanism, Tom was introduced to Hawaiian Temple Bodywork. “Lomi Lomi had a profound effect on my life. Without turning back, I moved to Hawaii to study Hawaiian shamanism and Hawaiian Temple Bodywork.”

He earned his massage license through the Maui School of Therapeutic Massage and began offering sessions worldwide throughout Japan, Europe, Canada and across the US. In the late 1990’s, Tom was guided and moved to begin sharing this work with other therapists. Since then, he has taught thousands of students, dedicating himself fully to their individual growth as well as supporting them to offer this powerful art to others.

In both his sessions and his workshops, Tom believes that the journey is one of self-realization and integration.

Read Tom’s article “My Journey into The Spirit Body” for more on how he came to teach lomi lomi, healing and life transformation.

“These ancient teachings remind us of our wholeness, our divinity. It’s an awakening that allows us to know our unique Self, not as a separated individual, but as a connected part of the whole. For me, it is a tremendous gift to travel and share the power and beauty of this work with people all over the world and witness them awakening to themselves on such an intimate, soul level.”

“The Lomi room is a sacred space, like a temple. Whether I’m teaching or offering a session, I keep the space very clear, physically and energetically. When we work, we are not trying to do anything except be present. People long to be accepted and recognized and they long to connect and be nurtured in a sacred way, without judgement… in that place of acceptance people awaken, in a unique way to the authenticity of being, of life. There’s a profound sense of peace, love and power in embracing, embodying and trusting your authentic being.”