The Power of Presence

The Power of Presence

Divinity is in this Moment, this moment, this moment…

Healing HikesFor those of you who have taken a workshop with us, you undoubtedly remember the sound of Tom’s voice saying, “this moment, this moment, this moment”. The power of lomi lomi is whole heartily dependent on the power of presence.

By surrendering fully into each moment as you offer lomi lomi, you give your client the incredible gift of your full energy and attention. More importantly, by being fully present, that is 100% in the here and now, you facilitate an environment through which Grace, Divinity, God can come through.

Thoughts that drift to the past or future create emotions and vibrations that literally block the channel through which God works. It is through the total acceptance, embracing and allowing of’WHAT IS’ that you can become the conduit for transformation.

By holding a space for your client of 100% acceptance and presence, you are offering your client the true definition of love and aloha. And held within the arms of aloha, your client can remember that they are worthy of love and that they are enough.

Love, aloha, presence and acceptance create safety. And it is safety that provides an environment where transformation and evolution can occur.

So the next time a client lays down on your table, dive into this moment, this moment, this moment and trust 100% that you will be guided with absolute perfection. Allow the presence of the moment to open the gateway to all the love and aloha within you that brought you to this work. And know that you are completely worthy of being the light worker that you are.

We honor you and appreciate each moment you dedicate to offering love and healing to yourself and others.

Tom & Donna