The Guiding Principles of Sacred Lomi

Sacred Principles for Healing Yourself and Others

When you learn Lomi Lomi massage, you are allowing yourself to be awakened to a beautiful healing art practiced by the native Hawaiians. There are many unique forms of this art, traditionally held by each family or ‘ohana’.

Hawaiian Temple Bodywork, Ke Ala Hoku, or Lomi Lomi Nui (the great massage) is an ancient and distinctive form of Lomi Lomi practiced by the Hawaiian shaman or ‘kahuna’ in the temples of Hawaii as a sacred rite of passage. This art has been passed down by shamanic teachers committed to sharing their knowledge of this sacred tradition.

I was introduced to Hawaiian Temple Bodywork when I became the recipient of the work at a workshop demonstration. I was so touched by my experience that I moved to Hawaii within six months and devoted the following nine years to studying and practicing this form of healing in Hawaii.

From what I’ve experienced and observed, this work offers the opportunity for profound personal transformation. The following are several of the principles I’ve learned and integrated and they have become a guide for me both as a teacher and practitioner.

The first principle is self care and honoring yourself as a sacred, unique being. We explore this principle in the workshops partly through conscious stretching as we open and listen to our bodies physically, and on a feeling and energetic level. We also explore this concept through different exercises; opening our heart center, nurturing ourselves and discovering deeper levels of self-acceptance.

Second, we hold a sacred space for participants, allowing each individual to have their unique experience to discover, acknowledge and embrace all aspects of who they are. The clearer, healthier and more conscious one is, the more one can facilitate wholeness and healing in others. Creating a sacred, safe environment often allows participants to release some of the patterns in their lives that may not be serving them.

Third, we perceive each person as divine and whole in the core of their being. In realizing that there is nothing that is ‘wrong’ or unworthy in our innate being there is a tremendous source for self-love, joy, healing and celebration.

Fourth, is the principle of movement. Within this sacred space, we begin to move consciously and to learn shamanic exercises to open our body, strengthen our ‘mana’ or energy level and learn specific techniques that assist us in facilitating transformation and healing for ourselves and others.

Fifth, answers and healing come from within. While we honor our teachers and the lineages and paradigms we work with, we realize that the ultimate choice, power and responsibility of our lives comes from ourselves, and our connection to the divine.

Sixth is conscious touch. In the workshops we train, explore and deepen our sensitivity to ourselves and others both physically and energetically. We begin to expand our awareness integrating the movement and the quality of the work with sacred, conscious touch.

Seventh, is the principle of receiving and allowing. Much of the learning in the workshop is in allowing and receiving the work, the touch and the openness from others. As we receive and trust we deepen our connection to ourselves, the earth and the divine.

Eighth, the principle of facilitation and intention is fundamental to supporting all the other principles. Our intention is to be present and conscious and to create a safe and nurturing space.

Finally, the principle of integration is important for our fast paced, secular world. Learning to slow down, listen to our inner wisdom and to integrate the experience of the sacredness into our daily lives is essential to our well being.

Discovering, exploring and sharing these principles of Hawaiian Temple Bodywork in weekend workshops and residential retreats and assisting participants in their growth has been a beautiful and profound gift.

These ancient teachings remind us of our wholeness, our divinity. It’s an awakening that allows us to know our unique Self, not as a separated individual, but as a connected part of the whole. For me, it is a blessing to travel and share the power and beauty of this work and witness individuals awakening to themselves on such an intimate, soul level.