"I am having a mad, passionate love affair with the teachings of Sacred Lomi®. It is impossible to describe the raw beauty that evolves during these workshops. Sacred Lomi® has revitalized my massage practice and has profoundly transformed my heart, my life, and my career. Thank you Tom and Donna. You are the most loving and committed of facilitators. Collectively, you have undeniable reverence, passion and expertise for creating, sharing and teaching this beautiful art of healing ourselves and others. " ~ Lori Smith, LMT, Intuitive Touch Lomi Massage
"Sacred Lomi® with Tom Cochran and Donna Jason has had a profound and positive impact on my life as a Therapist/Healer. I can't even begin to express the gratitude I feel at how my life has transformed as a result of what Tom and Donna has shared with and taught me. This sacred work transforms and inspires and heals from within. Its ultimate expression is that of what Love/Aloha and what the cultivation of Peace within/Ho'omaluhia truly is. "  ~ Jason Bratcher LMT/MTI/Texas CE Provider/Lomi Lomi Kumu and Practitioner , Austin Lomi Lomi Bodyworks, Austin, TX
"Your workshop has changed the whole way that I massage, how I approach each body and spirit, the intent I have and the focus on my clients on so many levels. My intuitive skills have dramatically increased. I have taken other classes and none of them gave me anything close to what 4 days in your workshop gave me... I have found my calling (and my clients agree)! My life and the lives of people I touch has changed. THANK YOU!" ~ Laura B., LMT, Tucson, AZ
"Sacred Lomi has brought me back to the very reason I do massage. Tom and Donna not only teach the mechanical runs of Lomi, but as important, the spiritual and sacredness this work offers. I have never been to a workshop that has been so well organized, professional, and just plain fun. The interesting part is that I found after learning this work, I have integrated its principles into my everyday life. Lomi has been a true gift for me.
"  ~ Tony Crawford, L.M.T., Lomi Massage Amelia, FL
"Sacred Lomi opened doors for me that have unlimited horizons. I am exploring those horizons with zeal. I am so grateful to you for being there when I needed you." ~ Norma Attaway, L.M.T., Charleston, S.C.
"Thank you so much for giving me the chance to experience the Lomi workshop in Chicago this past summer. The workshop was a new beginning for me. Never in my life have I experienced such open, loving, acceptance. Those four days were a time of awakening and a huge reminder to me of who I am in the universe, and of who I want to be. It was and is amazing and powerful. Because of my conservative christian upbringing, which was very "in the box", I was way out of my comfort level and at the same time, loved every minute of the workshop."  ~ Anne G., L.M.T., Mount Vernon, OH
"Wow… I feel GREAT! Mahalo… I am so grateful to the two of you. You both are doing such great work. The retreat for me was transformational and very timely. I am transformed!!! I am so different than I was two weeks ago and it all seemed to gel at the end of the workshop. I received so much at the retreat… I feel STRONGER, LIGHTER and able to be myself. I'm not afraid or lonely. I'm speaking my true feelings. I feel GREAT! I am strong on my own and the support and love I received at the retreat has facilitated this change." ~ Susan Kimi McFadden, LMT, Chicago, IL
"You need to know that Sacred Lomi® has completely changed the way I work! I have adopted Sacred Lomi as my signature service and my new office will be entirely in tropical decor! Thank you so much for coming to Denver and sharing this wonderful technique!"  ~ C. Talkington, LMT, Cheyenne, WY
"I am very thankful to have such a beautiful experience to draw from. I can honestly say that I have never felt more love or support in my entire life. I can not thank you both enough, I am very honored to have been a part of such a powerful group of people." ~ Deanna M., Calgary, Canada
"I have taken lots of bodywork classes in the last 15 years of my massage practice and have to say that by far this workshop was my favorite! Not only was I impressed by your expertise in Hawaiian Temple Bodywork, but by the way in which you taught the workshop. You taught us with genuine enthusiasm and imparted your knowledge in an effective manner, while remaining humble and unpretentious. Your vast knowledge in personal growth added a wonderful dimension to the work as well. I felt honored and respected during the entire four days."  ~ Julie U., Boulder, CO
"I want to tell you how much I enjoyed the workshop; it was a great four days! It was obvious from the first hour that you were an excellent group facilitator and teacher. The class was unusually accepting and non-judgemental! It seemed that everyone went out of his or her way to help and nurture the others. This characteristic made the course content more meaningful. The course was very special and I am already using the skills I learned there. Thank you for everything!" ~ Jo-Ann C., N. Carolina
"What you do is an inspiration to me to stop playing small and gather the courage to begin to truly serve the world! Thank you for helping me to get quiet enough and deep enough to hear the voice of my calling and trust in my own knowing. Today we begin anew! I love you and your beautiful souls!"  ~ Jen L. Massage Therapist, Vancouver, BC, Canada
"You have brought such a validation to my work. You have given me the tools to work with that I was looking for. I feel so blessed to have been chosen to be in your workshop. I will have no trouble finding volunteers to practice on. They see the transformation in me, they can feel my energy and passion, they want what I got and I want them to experience it. I don't know how you keep giving and giving but God has blessed you with that gift and you are doing what you are called to do." ~ Kaye H. Massage Therapist, Kissimmee, FL
"Thank you so much for all the love, beauty, wisdom and knowledge that you share so openly. It really could not have been better."  ~ Valerie Nesteruk, Eli, MN