The Consciousness of Renewal

THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF RENEWAL Holding Sacred Space in the Midst of Chaos The times we live in are not normal, predictable, or comfortable. But who are you in the midst of this current chaos? Are you holding space for yourself and others? Is your health being impacted by the stress? Are you a distant witness? […]

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What Matters Most as a Spiritual Being

Spirit, Body, Chicken, Egg What matters most as a spiritual being? Tom and I often have long, philosophical talks. At some point as we are each planted on our respective sofas in the living room, I always think to myself, “This is awesome.” The ‘awesomeness’ is that I’ve known Tom for nearly forty years and […]

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Awakening Spirit in the Physical Body

When a person decides to get a massage, it is unlikely that they are thinking, “I need to unravel deep ancestral or childhood patterning in order to enlighten my cells and embody divinity in my daily life.” More likely, they are focused on bodily pain, relaxation, stress-relief, or down-to-earth physical maintenance. And yet, when a person makes the choice to receive Lomi Lomi – Hawaiian massage, they may (on a soul level) be ready for fantastic life-altering shifts.

Not all styles of Lomi Lomi focus on awakening spirit in the physical body, but many do. Sacred Lomi®, rooted in ‘Temple Style’ Lomi Lomi, which has also been called Kahuna Bodywork has, at its foundation the intention of awakening the divine in every cell and in the spaces between the cells. One name for this work is Ke Ala Hoku or ‘Pathway to the Stars’ which can be interpreted as ‘our life’s journey into the infinite realms’.

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