DVD Gift Package!


DVD Gift Package

5 Star-Rated DVDs on Sacred Lomi and the 7 Principles of Huna, produced with aloha, love and extreme attention to detail by Sacred Lomi.

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Sacred Lomi DVDs 1&2

7 Principles of Huna DVD

Six – 7 Principles of Huna Cards

The Sacred Lomi® Volume One – Lomi Lomi DVD Video introduces and teaches all of the fundamental runs of Temple Style Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage on the back of the body. The Sacred Lomi ® Volume Two – Lomi Lomi DVD Video introduces and teaches all of the fundamental runs on the front of the body.

Both DVDs are woven with beautiful images of Hawaii, historical drawings, an inspiring soundtrack and detailed, multi-angle shots of the flowing forearm massage techniques.

7 Principles of Huna DVD

Journey with Serge Kahili King, Tom Cochran and Donna Jason as they explore how these principles apply to bodywork, healing and life transformation. Filmed with a live audience on location in Pahoa, Hawaii, this DVD is full of life changing gems and insights that can be applied to any endeavor or practice, including all forms of healing and education.

Learn the 7 Principles Chant • Receive six 5 x 7 printed card of the principles!
Running time: approximately 58 minutes • Plus 32 minutes of bonus material.

Enabled for All Regions World-Wide!

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What Customers Have Said

“I consider the set of Sacred Lomi DVDs to be a “must have” for anyone who is interested in Hawaiian culture and healing practices. The beautiful flowing strokes, and calming images of the ocean, and the dance-like movements of the therapist moved me to enroll in a workshop that changed my life. My wife has joined me on this beautiful journey of Aloha. We can not say “Thank you!’ enough to Tom and Donna for their work, Mahalo!”       Norbert C. Peil

“This two volume set is a must have for all massage therapists and Hawaiian culture lovers. It clearly demonstrates the techniques, and the history of this beautiful technique. The loving touch and spirituality also come through. Although this DVD set is no substitute for an actual hands on course–it is great as a reference for this modality. Mahalo to Tom and Donna for sharing such a beautiful technique!” MC Thacker

“I cannot recommend these beautifully produced DVD’s of Sacred Lomi instruction highly enough. Drenched in the spirit of aloha, they are just what any dedicated practitioner of Sacred Lomi (with a less than photographic memory) needs to hone her practice. I know, because that’s exactly how I use them. The instruction is clear and thorough, giving all the information needed to begin the physical practice of Sacred Lomi. But this is heart work, and the practitioner really must experience the work, the lineage, and share with ohana (the family of practitioners). So get the DVD’s, start practicing with a dear (and lucky) friend, and book yourself into one of Tom and Donna’s Sacred Lomi workshops across the country.” Carol A. Niemi

“ALOHA – I have been practicing Sacred Lomi with Tom & Donna for several years now and must say that these videos are a great tool for the Hawaiian Temple Style Lomi practicioner. Wheither this is the first time witnessing this beautiful work or you are an experienced practicioner these DVD’s are welcoming and inspiring. This work is about caring for the heart & soul, to get in touch with your inner child and to be set free from the boundaries we create in our world. Mahalo Tom & Donna for sharing this amazing work with me and others to see the beauty inside us all!”  Patrick Keehan

“As a result of viewing this DVD, I signed up for Sacred Lomi training several years ago. Many trainings later, I still refer back to this DVD. For anyone interested in Hawaiian Temple Bodywork, this DVD demonstrates by showing the Sacred Lomi process, run by run. Against a backdrop of great respect for ancient tradition, ritual movement, and intention, the DVD incorporates simple, concise instruction for each stroke used on the back of the body. This is followed by weaving the “runs” together, creating a flow. The clarity, honor, and simplicity really sets this presentation apart from many other “how-to” videos on my bookshelf.”  Michael McDowell


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Sacred Lomi DVDs

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